The Sixteen Acres Civic Association is made up of local community members, who care about keeping this a highly desireable neighborhood in which to work and live. The association elects officers and directors for two-year terms every odd year.

The officers of the Sixteen Acres Civic Association include president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. There is also a board of directors consisting of five to nine members. The four officers are included as directors. The officers and directors are elected by a majority vote of the membership at the meeting of the membership in June of every odd numbered year.

The current officers of the association are:
Sally A. Lussier, President
Ann Hadank, Vice President
Donald Roberts, Secretary
Diane Paquette, Treasurer

The current directors of the association are:
James Gregory Esq.
Susette Curto
Lois Mills
James Aubin
Garry Walsh
Kathy Broska

Director Emeritus:
Willis Schoof
Jean Masse
Clodo Concepcion
Theodore Knee (1925-2019)

Any person living in Sixteen Acres is eligible for membership in the Association.
Membership dues are $ 12.00 for the calendar year (January 1st to December 31st) for a single person household and $14.00 for a household with two adults. Any person outside the boundaries of Sixteen Acres or a business within the boundaries of Sixteen Acres is eligible for a non-voting membership and the dues are $ 14.00 per fiscal year.

Click for a pdf of our annual membership dues form